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Young Engineers offers a number of LEGO® Enrichment classes for children of all age group.

The best part is all the programs and activities align well with the curriculum requirements of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) concepts by utilising multiple learning modalities to engage visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learning styles

There is no limit to how many different ways we can work with you to deliver STEM education in a entertaining way. We are your education partners, involve us to deliver engaging STEM lessons using LEGO® inside and outside class rooms.

We are proud to introduce you our fun and fulfilling methods of teaching and learning.

STEM + Presentation + Leadership + Teamwork + Invention

In addition to STEM, our progressive curriculum also offers unique opportunity to children to practice presentation, leadership, and creative thinking skills.

Stage 1 – Presentation: Students learn the basic STEM concepts through building LEGO models and practice various experiments in this stage. Each student will have a chance to present his/her model and explain the theory behind it in his/her own way.

Stage 2 – Leadership: Students learn the advanced STEM concepts through building the LEGO models and practice various experiments. In this stage, each student will have an opportunity to practice leadership as a student leader. This way will help students find out what leadership means to them.

Stage 3 – Creative Thinking: Students utilize the STEM knowledge they have accumulated from previous stages and apply them by creating their own enhancement to our advanced LEGO models. Meanwhile, each student will continue to have an opportunity to practice leadership as a student leader.

List of Subjects :

  • Basic and complex mathematics: Instructors teach basic math, from addition and subtraction to exponents.
  • Famous scientific and philosophical figures: Archimedes, Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, and more.
  • Powers and principles in physics: Centrifugal and centripetal forces, the power of inertia, potential energy, kinetic energy, action and reaction law, buoyancy, torques, fulcrum, load division, angular momentum, and more.

The Difference:

  • Each student will have his/her own tool kit to build the LEGO model; we don’t share tool kits.
  • Teamwork steps are designed in the curriculum that provide the instruction how to build as a TEAM instead of sharing the tool kit.
  • True STEM program with each model having STEM theory behind it; the program follows progressive pattern.

As your education partners we can provide:

School Incursions

Our incursion programs have been extremely well received at several primary schools across Australia. We have age-appropriate programs for students year 1 – 6. Incursion programs for younger students focus on establishing foundation knowledge (such as learning about simple machines) while older students will get the opportunity to participate in problem solving and design challenges (such as designing and prototyping a vehicle).

The content, duration and frequency of the incursion program can be adapted to fit with your school’s timetabling and class curriculam .

After School Clubs

‘Our After School Clubs’ offer term programs with specially designed LEGO® sessions within the campus. The After School Clubs generally begin at 3:15 pm and run for upto  75 – 90 minutes each class.

Conducted  regularly once in a week this program provides an alternative to families who wish to attend an additional chore that evening before picking child from the school.

Venues & Timings of After School LEGO® Clubs available in South West Sydneyreen

Class Room Support

‘Class Room Support’ is taught like a normal lesson during school hours. The ‘Class Room Support’ gives schools and students the advantage of having an interactive and engaging STEM subject lessons without having to buy any extra resources .

All materials are provided . Students will not have to move from their spots , we will set up their work stations using our Young Engineers LEGO® kits  . The project will be curriculum based on STEM concepts and all the instructional content will be very simple to follow. We will work with your present requirement to assist you in meeting the curriculum needs.  Students’ ages, experience, and skill level are kept in mind

All we need is a classroom, whiteboard and students! We’ll turn up with toolkits, instructions, lesson plans and a tutor and we’ll leave your school with thriving and excited children who will all want more!

Open Days & Fund Raisers

All of us are parents and understand the very important role ‘The Parents Committee’ play in our child’s schooling experience. We know you are always on the look out for better ideas to raise the most required funds to equip that play ground or stack the library.

So, let’s help you. Invite us over and discuss how you can hold a successful fundraising programs or include us on a open day or a fete to draw more attention to your school events

Home Schoolers LEGO® Club

Our ‘Home School LEGO® Club’ provide same service as that of an “In School Program” experience, the parents get to decide the course of the lesson just like the teachers.

Our aim is to provide every child an opportunity to experience these amazing projects.  During our Home School LEGO® Clubs, we will work closely with you to come up with a ‘lesson plan’ and deliver a rich learning experience. Try us .

Play with Bricks (for Pre Schoolers & Kindergartners)

Our Play with Bricks (for Pre Schoolers & Kindergartners) offers a fun learning experience through simple model constructions in a playful manner. We come to your play centre or KG play day and engage parents and children in a LEGO® experience.

Imagine the little ones being able to playing with a toy that spins or moves . Now imagine their excitement of building it themselves! Give your group this experience at least once a term and they will come back asking for more.

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Our Unique e² Edutainment Method

e² Young Engineers (ESYE) represents thousands of children around the world who participate in our unique edutainment curricula, which teach basic scientific principles and complex subjects in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), Machinery and Software Engineering through the use of games. The essence of the method is based on theoretical studies, research and statistics tests.

Our ability to work around the needs of the teachers, parents and carers has made us a successful educatio partner within highly-regarded academic institutions around the world and many here in Australia. Everybody is talking about our innovative lesson deliveries using LEGO®. Teaching STEM was never this easy

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