School Holiday Bricks Challenge & Robobricks

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30th September – 4th October

3 different Classes

Bricks Challenge

For those new to Young Engineers – A practical fun application of STEM using motorised LEGO

Junior Robotics, Coding and Programming

For Year 2-3 students ready for the next step after doing Bricks Challenge – Junior Robotics uses the Robo Bricks program with junior block coding.  Using algorithmic methods students work together to create a successful project

Senior Robotics, Coding and Programming 

For Year 4-6 – Senior students will use more advanced block coding and create more complex tasks.  They will also be exposed to pseudo code and encouraged to take the next step in coding.


1 Child 5 days $60.00 per day

1 Child 3 days $65.00 per day

1 Child 1 day $69.99 per day

About The Holiday Events:

– All children should have completed one day Bricks Challenge before starting Robotics.

– Children can have mixed enrolments. 1 day Bricks Challenge multiple days Robotics.

– All materials are provided for the camp activities.

– We offer complimentary supervision over the lunch hour for those registered in full day camp

Our Lego® based STEM projects teach children to use their problem solving abilities and creativity to find the much required 21st century skills and all that while working with their favourite Lego®

During this fun-filled holiday programs & activities, our specially trained instructors will teach children to build motorised Lego® models using customised Lego® kits.

As the children work on their models, they will discover fascinating science and engineering principles.

Combining education and entertainment is conducted in a small group to ensure every child receives individual attention.  Children  will understand the basic working principles of many ingenious devices that are part of our everyday lives. This workshop is loads of fun and learning for budding builders. By the end of the third evening they will have obtained intermediate LEGO engineering skills  that is going to change their LEGO® time back at home into a more meaningful engagement forever.

Your child will have a thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling experience. 

To check about upcoming holiday events

icon_phone Call 0416 188 738

icon_mail Email : swsydney@young-engineers.com.au


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  1. My kids 6, 9 , 13 all enjoyed the Easter holiday Lego workshops so much. Each one shared a different tale of excitement working with Legos. Fantastic instructors and perfect venue , will certainly keep an eye on next dates. Thanks for the good experience