Family Fun Times With LEGO®

As parents and carers, we adults  are always thrilled to find a newer creative way to engage our children in .  RK8_0874e2 Young Engineers LEGO® events are uniquely designed to capture the participant’s attention for hours, irrespective of their age /gender.

We all know how challenging when family/friends gather around . A couple of active kids from each family can churn the situation completely out of hand.  You will want to have some quiet catch up time with your friend/relative but can’t.  You have to focus on the little ones the entire time, so you will try keeping everyone busy with board games and backyard matches, but for those who have done this frequently this turns out to be a boring experience.

We can help you make your family events with the following services :

LEGO® Family Fun

Invite us to host a ‘LEGO® Family Fun’ event . We will be there, all equipped, to handle your special guest with games & fun activities for a full hour. The hour will pass like a breeze and you can get back to chatting & having a good time with your friends & family.

You can book a ‘LEGO® Family Fun’ session just for kids, adults or the whole lot. Just discuss your choice so we can come suitably geared. We will arrive 15 minutes after your family event started and leave before your guests do , so you can continue enjoying your evening.

Parties & Special Events

Include some LEGO® fun into your parties and bring them alive.

Invite us over to help you make your day a massive fun for all . We have tens of  tested games and activities for each big occasion you can come up with. Choose 60 – 90 minutes whatever best assists you in making the big day a grand success for all.


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