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lego enrichment modelThank you for taking the time to read a little bit about us.

e² Young Engineers® provide hands-on learning projects using LEGO® and K’nex® assembly kits uniquely designed by our staff, demonstrating the scientific principles in a fun and accessible fashion; combining experiments that form scientific intuition with stories that capture the imagination and practical lessons that deliver STEM education.

e² Young Engineers® founder Amir Asor shares a strong view about the right upbringing of young generations . This award winning company shares a original and unparalleled educative approach to assisting the engineers of tomorrow by creating engaging educational solutions early on. e² Programs are designed to give every child an opportunity and confidence to enter a challenging society by providing an inspiring, hands-on environment which will develop the necessary skill sets.

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 e² Young Engineers® South West Sydney team is growing fast, as we hire and train newly qualified STEM trainers every time. This trend will continue as we will need many team members to help achieve our dream of delivering quality workshops across public / private schools, day cares, community centers, churches, science museums,  home school sector scouts & girl guide groups , aged care facilities, council activities, hospitals, parties and corporate events .

We are always on the look out for newer talents to join our ever growing family of specialised STEM trainers . It is a casual position, and at the moment , we have school teachers, tutors, parents, carers, high school apprentices and a retired senior citizen who loves playing with LEGO® as part of our team.

Being a trainer allows you to participate in our workshops for free*** and  be paid for assisting us  – we call it  ‘paid playtime ‘

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** You should be willing to undergo WWWC check and provide 3 local references . Our casual trainers are also our permanent staff members,  so we need you to be an Australian resident living in our territory

*** Free applies to your personal LEGO® experience while you are assisting as a trainer at the time.

Thank you for reading a little bit about us .Please feel free to write to us and  let us help you in the mighty job of raising a genius little grown up you have there .

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